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Jabe Burgess is a country singer based out of Nashville, TN. 

The oldest of 3 boys, Burgess was raised on the family farm in Greenwood, AR. A quiet place to grow up tucked away in the valley of the Arkansas river. His father owned a dreadnought Yamaha guitar and Burgess recalls his dad singing and playing songs for him and his brothers before bedtime. "He only knew a few chords but I could tell how much he loved playing it." 

A boy loves what his father loves. Burgess started his music journey by hammering away on the same guitar his dad played for him as a kid. "I didn't really know what I was doing but I figured out how to play the chords that dad knew and then just kept going from there."

Music was an early passion but the family business was always football. Burgess's cousins were record breaking high school Quarterbacks  in Arkansas and Burgess fell right in line. His cousin Tyler Wilson was drafted into the NFL while Burgess was in high school. "I wanted to be just like those guys, if Tyler could make it to the NFL I thought maybe that's what I could do too." After 2 state championship wins and breaking state passing records Burgess was highly recruited out of high school and made the decision to early enroll into the University of Tulsa on a full football scholarship. While playing football in college Burgess was also behind the scenes setting the path to his artist career. "I started writing songs in college, I felt like once I moved away from home I really started to find something to say." After transferring to MS Gulf Coast and later Delta State to continue his football career, Burgess was discovered by hit country artist Steve Azar. Azar along with mentor Mark Alan Springer encouraged Burgess to move to Nashville after his football career was over. Burgess now resides in Nashville where he continues to hone his craft playing 4 times a week down in the broadway honky tonks. With a relentless drive and a rebel heart to make it work, Burgess embraces the struggles along the way that continues to inspire his work. Songs for the common folk, amid the danger and darkness, for dreamers who keep falling in and out love. "Tell the truth. Sing with passion. Work with laughter. Cause that's all that matters in the end."

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